Ms. Ebisch specializes in probate litigation which arises during probate or trust administration. She has litigated issues in the Colorado courts on issues relating to the following:

  • Will contests;
  • Disputes concerning proper administration of a trust or estate;
  • Appointment or removal of a personal representative;
  • Powers of attorney;
  • Title to real estate through probate;
  • Estates administered without a Will.

As examples, Ms. Ebisch has been involved in litigation:

  • Where the parties disputed the mental competency of the deceased when he executed a holographic (hand-written) Will;
  • Where family members contested the fee a personal representative paid to himself while administering the deceased's estate;
  • Where a personal representative converted estate funds to her own use;
  • Defense of a motion to remove a personal representative and trustee; and
  • Representation of one sibling to force sale of an inherited property.

Areas of Practice
commercial . appeals . elder . employment . probate


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